Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For professional reasons, recently I had to fly to Brussels where I stayed for one week long, enough time to have some free time after my hours of work.
When I arrived it was snowing and so was it when I took off. Amazing to me, considering that I live in a city that never sees snow.
I didn't get disappointed with the hotel I had booked online. I always do it and so far so good... It was comfortable and with an excellent location.
I was surprised by the large community of muslems that lives over there, mainly in the Gare du Midi area. Hardly could I believe my eyes as they set on a hamman with sepparate entrances for both men and women. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any shot as I had fear of getting in trouble if I had pointed my camera at it.
On Saturday, late in the afternoon, Le Grand Sablon Square, where a flea market had been held, was not crowded at all. The dismantling of the stalls had been almost concluded. 
By contrast, some of the many chocolate stores were crowded. Even though, I didn't see fat people. Perhaps they have some secret to keep slim, despite eating chocolates.

A bar-restaurant, at which the late surrealist Magritte and his artist fellows gathered frequently, was the highlight of my stay. I will never forget that delicious  hot chocolate I had there together with a Belgian friend.


  1. Good to revisit Brussels through your eyes. Nice photos, Leonor!

  2. My pleasure to share little bit of Brussels with you.

    The hotel looks very nice, elegant indeed.

    We have lots of snow during winter, few days ago, my city was covered with 32cm of beautiful withe blanket. :)


  3. Brussels has its own charm and you did capture it very well!

  4. Another view to Brussels, even though I visited this city many times...I like your photos very much...great music....Thanks for sharing...