Monday, September 16, 2013


The town of Vernon, in Normandy (France) offers some peculiar sights but I was caught by surprise as I saw this nice old mill, a half-timbered construction probably built in the XVI century. It lies straddling two piers of the ancient bridge over the Seine, precisely at Vernon. 

The bridge was destroyed for several times and the mill was about to fall into the Seine River when the town of Vernon decided to undertake its renewal, preserving the character and the history of the structure.

However, much before, it had belonged to an opera composer, Jean Nouguès. A few years later, Nouguès sold it to an American millionaire but after the latter's death, the town of Vernon tried to find his heirs but didn't succeed.

The old mill and its peripheral structures that were immortalised by Claude Monet, is now a symbol of Vernon. It even illustrates the postal logo of the city!

I hope such a beautiful mill will stand for another thousand years, while France and the world continues to change around it.

Thank you!


  1. How unique the structure of it!

    All I remember about Normandy is their tasty home-made cheese. :)

  2. Awesome shot, Leonor of that beautiful mill! Many years ago, I passed by Vernon on my way to Giverny where I attended a conference. Unfortunately, I don't remember to have seen the mill but the visit to the Monet Foundation, in Giverny - very close to Vernon -, was something I will never forget. I wonder did you visit it? Have a nice day!

  3. Many thanks Clara.
    I visited Giverny on a sunny day and have nice photos which I expect to publish one of these days.

  4. One of the best photos I've seen from you so far... it's perfect... the light, the composition, the angle, fantastic the stance of the human element. He really seems, even if we can't see his face, to be in awe... Uncommon structure, interesting history, all in all, an excellent blog... thank you for sharing, Leonor!