Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Cascais is a lively resort all the year round, yet in summer more lively than ever. Last week, in the evening, one of its beaches that is often dotted with fishermen had turned into an atelier for two foreign sculptors who looked delighted as they were making not sand castles but Homer Simpson lying on a couch grabbing a bottle of beer in one of his hands.

As Homer looked a bit homesick, despite being free from the family piling on to the couch, he soon had two family members lying on the floor...

Why on earth, a middle class American family living in Springfield (ILL.) flies to this side of the huge Pond and lies on the fine sands of a Portuguese beach? Perhaps Homer was tired of doing nothing or very little. Had his wife and children pushed him to board on a plane and as they regretted it later, they decided to take a cheap flight with destination to Lisbon?
Questions I'll never get the answer, unless you stop by and let me know them.

~~ Thank you! ~~


  1. Oh, I would love to have seen it. Nice shot of Cascais with a beautiful light. As to the answers to your questions, I would say that they might have read about Cascais in a local newspaper or watched a Tv documentary, praising the beauties of this tail (or shall I say 'head'?) of Europe. Homer might have thought that by flying over here he would have a couch for himself, only, and would not be bothered by his family always trying to get the best seat to watch TV. Not sure these justifications will be satisfactory to your curiosity...

  2. I love your imagination. May be Homer wanted to visit you and he landed in Cascais instead of Belem!
    I heard he is fond of your blog....

    1. Thank you, Leonor! Glad to know you have accepted the effects of the wings of my imagination. Sometimes they make it fly towards the right way, others not so. I have serious doubts about Homer wishing to visit me... He might be upset hearing that I don't like watching tv...

  3. Honestly, I can't understand why you wonder about the reasons that might explain why Homer has come to this country. I presume he had seen in some travel guide that stunning photo of Cscais and could not resist to take the plane and see in person how beautiful a summer resort can be... ah that fabulous light!

  4. The first image is absolutely breathtaking, I have decide my next holiday will be staying with the sea...:)

    My personal perception: That Simpson show is stupid!!! :DD
    But that art work with sand is fabulous.