Saturday, August 24, 2013


I always like revisiting countries, regions, places that have impressed me at the first sight.

In July, I travelled for my second time to Ephesus, the great metropolis and Roman capital of Asia Minor, now Turkey. At that time, Ephesus had a population around 250,000 inhabitants.
It's amazing how despite the passing of the time, the city is the best preserved Greco-Roman city we can see in Turkey.

 One day, I was caught by surprise when I set my eyes on three young women standing out from the crowd of tourists. 

 Because they were wearing Roman attires. 

As they were walking towards the magnificent theatre, I started imagining that most probably they were going to take part in a debate of public interest, which would be held in that structure with a capacity of 25,000 seats, making it be the largest in Anatolia.

My imagination took me back to the the year 100 BC. What would then be the subject of the discussion? Perhaps the construction of new fountains at some strategic points. It was believed that the sounds of trickling water fountains had calm healing effects. Do you think that belief made sense?

 Thank you!

May you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh, Leonor, you are like me... I never mind revisiting places that have left a mark for this or that reason. Sometimes it happens that by doing it, the initial mark gets stronger, others... it fades away a little...

  2. I forgot to mention how I love the photos, particularly of that foutain, though the girls dressed up in that style turned out very colorful. I particularly like how their body language is different among the three. The left side one looks very much concentrated in her world of thoughts, while the second and the third walk cheerfully...

  3. I had few chances to taste little bit of Turkey (the Turkish food and coffee) during my trip to Aegean Sea, but only to park our boat to few of its harbors...

    Nice sharing, Maria :)