Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SWEET Birthday Cake

A birthday without a cake is not a birthday, don't you think? Well, last saturday, my daughter who, sometimes is in cooking mood, decided to make the above cake for a special relative, whose birthday was on the following day.
She got up earlier than the usual, went to a nearby farm and got very fresh strawberries and of a good size: neither too big, nor too small. As she didn't know the exact age of our relative, she thought the best way would be to buy candles simply reading 'FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO' (Happy Birthday). Perhaps I wouldn't have ever had such idea. As soon as she returned back home from her errands and showed me the candles, I fully agreed with her shopping. It was a smart way of not unveiling our ignorance about the precise age of the birthday person.
She spent a few hours in the kitchen while I was watching her meticulously decorating the cake that had been home baked, too.
Once it was ready,  I looked at her and I saw a soft smile on her face. 
When we go to a birthday party, shouldn't our goal be to make the birthday person feel special? At the moment of handing the cake to our relative, I realized that my daughter's goal had been achieved.
I felt proud of her and for her!

Thank you!


  1. I honestly want to taste that cake!
    I love strawberry! :)

  2. If I had been your relative... I would have got speechless... so much sentiment in each slice...

  3. My relative is now 90 years old. A very beautiful age, isn't it?