Thursday, April 04, 2013


Near my cottage (Sintra)

Water-colouring is one of my favourite hobbies. Recently, the weather has been not fine at all. Rain and wind have been making me depressed and in mood to do nothing at all.

As soon as the sun will shine, I will rush to my cottage, where all my painting materials have been sleeping for a long time already. How happy they will be as they wake up for a new season!

Normally, I wake up early in the morning when the light is soft and the birds start chirping and inspiring me to make the most of my hobby.

Nature and housing are my favourite subjects. When I´m painting, time flies like an arrow as I am completely immersed in my pastime. 

The weekend is off the corner, time to wish you wonderful days wherever you are, whatever you will do.

~~Thanks for stopping by~~


  1. Excellent painting... I can absolutely understand your hobby...sometimes I did that, as well, but very seldom...

    Have a terrific weekend maybe fulfilled with the sun...

  2. Thank you Viera. It is expected a sunny weekend here.

  3. Missing painting... you do! Missing sunshine... you do and so do I! I really love your painting... that's a very country scene... Congratulations! I wish you a sunny weekend...let's see if our good friend shows up...

  4. I like water-colour painting, very much. To be frank, it's my favourite painting. Very nice that painted by you. Very Portuguese feel, I would add.

  5. I used to paint with Oil paints, but later these years, I started having allergy with its film, so I switched to Acrylics. I do Watercolor, but it has never been my major medium, although they are very beautiful.