Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Today I am focusing on the India's spectacular marble Jain temple, seated majestically on the slope of a hill, in the village of Ranakpur, near Udiapur.  This beautiful building dates from 1432 and it's said that it took one hundred years to complete the whole structure. 
It's a stunning piece of architecture most notable for the quality and variety of its carved surface decoration. The turrets and domes of the temple are supported on over 1,444 pillars, each one with its own individual and unique carving.

The Temple, dedicated to the Lord Adinath, has entrances at the four compass points and images of the Lord facing in each direction in the central chamber. The marble sculpture of Maidevi, the mother of Adinath, on the back of an elephant, is of an amazing grandeur.  

Either seen from the outside or looking at its interior, the Temple is an architectural marvel, as delicate as finely embroidered lace, yet as imposing and complex in design as it's profoundly logical. 

If in the future, you have a chance to travel through India, I would suggest you to never miss visiting this architectural jewel.

Thank you!


  1. I particularly like the photo of the whole Temple. It's majestic...
    You really like India!!!

  2. This beautiful building dates from 1432 is really breathtaking..

  3. The low relief depicting the architect who designed the Temple is standing at one of the entrance columns. He so wished.
    In Portugal, at that time, the Hieronymites Monastery in Lisbon, would wait another century to be a reality.