Monday, October 07, 2013


Credit: Google

Have you ever been afraid that a house might fall over you and squash you? I know what it looks like, but no, that house did not just fall out of the sky. It was an artistic project of the famous Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm. His purpose was set it up especially to look like a house just falling out of the sky and landing on the Viennese Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK). You may wonder why did Wurm did it so. That was his statement against over-development.

In 2007, I had to travel to Vienna and having already read about the 'House Crash', I was very curious to see it in person. A walk away from the hotel, I was in the most compact and notorious neighbourhood of Vienna. Standing in the middle, I was surrounded by the MUMOK but... no House Crash! I was tremendously upset.

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  1. Very creative and,provoking installation. If I was you, I would be very much upset, too.

  2. Such an artistic project we have in our city as well since 2008...

    you too have a beautiful week...

  3. Very cute that family house! What a creative idea! As that link posted by Viera doesn't work, if you want to see photos of Strabag headquarter in Bratislava, just google Strabag Bratislava and then Images.You will find enumerable photos not only of the façade but also of the interior of the building, the project of which was by an Austrian company named MHM Architects.